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Jen. Brooklyn, New York. Uni student.

I love the 50s. All the men I like are either too old or dead. Crying because I grew up in the wrong era. Forever rooting for the angstiest ships. Die hard X-men fan of the comics and series.

History Pulls Me To You


"When you get back, I’ll show you my thing. A thing. It’s not… I-it’s my hardware. My equipment. Let’s…hang up.” 


"You have no idea how I feel."- Patrick.

"No I don’t but don’t you see I’m going to be exactly where you are right now if you don’t help me please."- Sam.

Patrick: Let’s have a game of pool.
Sam: Pool? I got to warn you — I’m kind of a decent shot.
Patrick: Ooh, “decent.” That sounds very impressive. You’re gonna have to prove it.
Sam: Oh, yeah? It’s on.


Patrick: One question.
Sam: What’s that?
Patrick: You hustle me?
Sam: What do you think?

i really need Sam to pull a Dawson’s Creek and shave Patrick like Joey did Pacey… and then kiss ♥



SAM: The terms were that the loser, which would be you, would do anything, and I quote, “anything,” that the winner, which would be me, wanted, correct?
PATRICK: Yes. That — that — those were the rules. So what is it? What do you want?
SAM: Um, I…want… you… to shave.

Ummmm I need to catch up NOW!

We are not agents of nothing, we are Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.


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